Asset Protection Strategies and Forms You Need So You Don't Lose Everything When You Get Sued

Asset Protection Planning You Need To Protect Your Wealth And Avoid Paying Too Much Taxes!

Asset Protection Strategies

What you will Learn:

  • How to reduce taxes owed to IRS
  • How to protect your assets from judgements
  • How to protect your home from lawsuit
  • How to incorporate
  • Learn the secrets so you don't have to ask yourself "How can I protect my assets from a civil lawsuit?"
Nationally-known attorney, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker.
Mr. William Bronchick has been practicing law and investing in real estate since the early 90’s, having been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. He has trained countless people all over the Country to become financially successful, speaking to audiences of as many as 16,000 at mega-events, sharing the stage with names like Rudy Guliani, Steve Forbes, and Colin Powell.
Asset Protection
Home Study Course
This one–of–a–kind library contains four volumes of solid, yet easy–to–read information you won’t find anywhere else. Everything is laid out in a simple, step–by–step format. Plus, you get audio files and legal forms.
  • Lawsuit Protection: Maximum asset protection
  • Why living trust may not protect you
  • Avoid common liability issues
  • How to keep corporate minutes: Maintaining your corporation step-by-step
  • Delaware corporation Nevada corporations: When to and when not to use them
  • Legal Forms Included: Save THOUSANDS in taxes and attorney fees.
  • Land trust: Keep ownership of property and mortgage information private from public intrusion
  • Avoid Probate: Save on taxes
  • Personal Property Trust: keep bank accounts, automobiles and other personal property out of your name and invisible to prying eyes
  • Limited Liability Company: legally keep your assets away from abusive creditors, an ex–spouse, or the IRS
  • Family Limited Partnership:  transfer wealth with minimum estate tax
  • How to use multiple LLCs: protect your real estate holdings without the burden of additional tax reporting
Here’s what William Bronchick’s students are saying...

John Hermannusen

Bill Bronchick and is extremely helpful for investors from beginners to seasoned experts. From basic landlording to creative financing and overall financial strategies, he and his team have been invaluable to me and I have referred them many times to my friends .

Jared Miller

My family and I were taught by Bill and we purchased many of his courses and seminars. He is the real deal! He practices what he preaches and knows his stuff when it comes to real estate and the law. Without Bill, we would have made costly mistakes that could have resulted in a failure instead of success. 

Michael Clarkson

Bill is a great real estate investor who teaches his students to create win-win situations. He not only educates the student but helps them develop as people -- showing that one can deal ethically and profitably. In short, Bill Bronchick believes in striking the right balance of compassion for people and real estate. I am proud to call Bill my mentor. 

Sheena Blankenagel

Bill Bronchick's methods have made me more money than I can count. He has saved me from many mistakes and opened my eyes to ways of buying, financing, and selling real estate that I never thought were possible. And, being an attorney, he alerted me to the common legal pitfalls that I should avoid.

Eric Hiivala

Bill Bronchick's plan for my real estate has allowed me to achieve my goals in just a few short years. Now, work is optional if I choose, because my properties produce enough income to support my lifestyle. Thanks to Bill, I can live my life on my own terms.

Sonja Whitemon

I worked in Corporate America all my life. Piddled with real estate, mostly as a landlord, for years. I joined your training and started slow, but as this year as of now I have already made more in revenue in 9 months than I ever made in salary in 2 years before. Thanks for getting me started and your continued support.

Julee Gracey

Bill Bronchick has a unique way of taking complicated subjects and breaking them down into simple, useable concepts. Even though he's a lawyer, he explains the legal issues in laymen's terms for everyone to understand. His information has allowed me close many more deals, both as a real estate broker and investor.

Don Loyd

I've purchased every course Bill Bronchick has to offer and I can't recommend them enough. They cover the practical, legal, and financial aspects of every type of deal you can imagine. Most other courses I bought from other so-called "experts" left with me with gaps that Bill's courses filled in. The forms are awesome, too! And, the icing on the cake - Bill is very responsive with questions by email. You can't go wrong with Bill's products!
From Beginner to Advanced
Are you a beginner with limited funds or limited experience? Think you need to qualify for financing? Think again! Are you tired of buying properties the conventional way, qualifying for loans and renting to deadbeat tenants? Do you want to make cash right now from real estate without waiting for appreciation? Are you looking for NEW ways to profit in today’s market? Do you need a game plan to jump-start your real estate business? If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, then get one of William's real estate investing courses!
Protect Your Assets From Lawsuits & Save on Taxes
The knowledge of which you will gain from the Bulletproof Asset Protection Package can pay you back many times the cost of the package:

Here is some of the information covered:

  • How to setup and use corporate entities to slash your taxes by thousands
  • How to use trusts for asset protection and enjoy MASSIVE tax savings
  • How to use tax laws and legal loopholes to maximize your wealth building
  • How to avoid real estate “dealer” status… falling into this trap can cost you thousands in IRS penalties
  • How to create tax–free medical and dental plans and save thousands each year
  • How to hire family members and enjoy lucrative tax deductions
  • How to save hundreds of thousand dollars in estate taxes (you earned it, why give it away to the government?)
  • How to save thousands of dollars with aggressive tax strategies backed up by a “bullet–proof” paper trail
  • How to get rich and stay rich, but appear “broke” to most people • How to protect yourself from financial ruin if you’re ever divorced
  • How to protect real estate and other assets from liens and legally make yourself judgment–proof!
  • How to incorporate in any state without a lawyer, saving time and money
  • How to use Nevada corporations (and when not to)
  • How to choose between “S” or “C” corporations – you will finally learn the key differences in a simple and understandable format
  • How to create a paper trail to come out on top during a lawsuit or IRS audit
  • How to avoid the “fraudulent conveyance” trap – violate this one and you could end up in jail!
  • How to legitimately deduct “non–deductible” living and vacation expenses
  • How to get more cash out of your corporation with the smallest tax bite
  • Five ways to prevent your corporation from being “pierced” in a lawsuit
  • How to create a positive and professional image for a “one–man” corporation
  • How to convert your existing business to a protected corporate entity
  • How to create and use Limited Liability Companies to legally keep your assets away from abusive creditors, an ex–spouse, or the IRS
  • How to use Family Limited Partnerships for maximum asset protection and to transfer wealth with minimum estate tax
  • How to use multiple LLCs to protect your real estate holdings without the burden of additional tax reporting
  • How to keep your name off public records when buying and selling real estate to avoid looking like a “deep pocket”
  • How to use personal property trusts to keep bank accounts, automobiles and other personal property out of your name and invisible to prying eyes
  • How to “bulletproof” your wealth and avoid getting sued in all areas of your business and personal life
What can you do to protect yourself from getting sued and keep as much of your money as possible?
This information is essential if you have a small business but especially true if you plan on being a real estate investor? Do you think you will make a mistake in your real estate deal on your 20th deal or your 1st one? Wouldn’t it make sense to protect yourself when you are at the most risk to make a costly mistake?

How much money do you think it would cost to hire a lawyer or CPA to teach you this? If you did go to a lawyer and a CPA, how would you know if they are giving you the best information for your situation? The smart thing to do is to learn more about it at a faction of the cost of a lawyer or CPA.

Learn the best–kept secrets and strategies for creating, building and protecting your wealth, when you order the “Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Package.”
Act Now and Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!
A lawyer can easily charge you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the kind of protection revealed in this Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Course.
Enroll in the Bulletproof Asset Protection Program and receive:
  • Four downloadable, searchable PDF Manuals with sample forms I can download
  • Audio from live events I can stream online or download to CD, mp3 player, or smartphone
  • Streaming online video I can watch on my computer, iPad or smartphone
  • Hundreds of expert, downloadable legal forms in MS Word format – the best on the planet!
  • And So Much More...
(This is an online e-Course. No materials will be shipped.)
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • Advanced Asset Protection Strategies ($997 Value)
  • ​How To Create A "Bulletproof Corporation" ($997 Value)
  • Step By Step Guide To Land Trusts ($997 Value)
  • ​LLCs & Family Limited Partnerships ($997 Value)
  • Asset Protection ​Legal Forms ($497 Value)
Total Value: $4485
Learn More and Get Your Huge Discount
(This is an online e-Course. No materials will be shipped.)
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